Interview with Sarah – Somatic Health Coach and Expert.


How did you get started as an Somatic Health Coach and how long have you been doing what you do?

To answer this question I think it’s important to share my story which brought me where I am today, coaching people like you on exactly what to do to get your natural health back quickly and live the life you are meant to live.

In 2000 I had a physical and mental breakdown. Suffering from severe depression I had been working and partying very hard whilst living in London and I found myself unable to maintain a relationship with anyone, family, men, and friends and work colleagues. After being signed off work for the second time I decided to ‘up sticks’, leave London and moved to Northampton.

I dove in head first into thousands of hours of research. I continued with my training in Reiki, Kinesiology, Amatsu, Theta, NLP, Timeline, Hypnosis, Shamanic work and dance whilst supporting myself working part time at a local leisure centre. I started to change and apply what I learned. I gained much healing through the modalities I was learning and gradually began to build myself confidence, get myself OFF the anti-depressants.

My changes inspired me to become an Authentic Somatic Health Coach.

I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life helping other individuals who desire to achieve their ultimate health naturally in a structured and easy to follow way in a shortest time possible. Since then, I’ve worked with countless of private clients in over 11 years, spoken in front of many groups, and have created The Authentic Health System™, which consists of 7 important health building steps every person needs to apply to get back to their ultimate health and wellbeing in shortest time possible. I continue to invest in my education so that I can serve my clients better every time.

Who are your clients exactly?

My clients are women, men and young adults who suffer from being in physical and emotional pain, are overweight, depressed and stressed. I work with a lot of clients who feel bogged down by their condition and want true freedom from fatigue, stress and other health related conditions.The client who see the best results are those who are self-starters and want change because they refuse to put up with pain or current situation they find themselves in. They are ready to be guided in the right direction which in turn transforms their body and their lives.

How are you different from other health coaches?

I understand my clients from my heart as I have been through it; I have come out the other side and I KNOW that there is the light at the end of the tunnel. I strongly believe that my clients can achieve what I’ve achieved. I walk my talk and in my approach I’m authentic, real and flexible to meet my client’s needs. As I work with many modalities I can find the best solution to suit you.

What type of personality do you work well with and what is expected of me the client?

I work best with people that want to STEP UP, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and MAKE CHANGES to their lives.  I love working with those wanting to take action and MAKE THAT ACTION COUNT. I ask my clients to work with me so we can attain their goals.  I ask my clients to be open and honest with me at all times as I am with them and to work with the tools and programs we devise for them.  I ask clients to make changes to their lives in STEPS that are acceptable for them (whilst pushing their boundaries too) and I ask my clients to work with me as I am here to assist them on their journey to Authentic Health….

What type of person is this program not going to work?

This program will not work for those not ready or willing to make changes in their lives, health or well-being.

Does this really work?

YES!  See success stories.

What results can I expect?

Transformed life through well being and health and connection with your body, mind and soul.

You will experience increased energy levels and become a new person with confidence. The result might be freedom from medication or reduced medication. It might that by loosing those extra pounds you find amazing power within yourself you didn’t even know existed before, it can change your life forever.

Can I contact some of your former clients to see what is like to work with you?

Yes, I have a number of clients that are happy to chat with you about how we worked together and how they benefited.

How quickly can I expect results?

I have had instant results on some aspects and physical pains and others have taken some weeks. It all depend on commitment and following a specialized plan.

Will I recover the cost of the investment in my health with you?

In short, YES.  I believe that good health and well-being is priceless, thus if you have reduced pain, increased energy and vitality and are able to reduce medications, increase work, feel more confident to charge higher prices for your services due to increased confidence and more energy then YES you will recover your investment 10 fold. How many more years need to go by before you take the plunge and give yourself the gift of feeling truly and radiantly healthy? If you are ready then you only need to know is here. Let me lead you and guide you so that your path to health  and well being is faster and easier than mine was, it is much easier when you know how. 

How will we work together?

We will work together in a series of ways.  Sometimes 1:1, VIP days, group coaching, I hold a number of seminars and meetings you can attend; we will also work on the phone and via email. If you have specific questions please e-mail me at, I can’t wait to connect with you and see all the amazing progress you make!

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