Energy Centre Balance with crystals



Done daily this balance helps us to keep our bodies and our energy systems in balance and it is also a lovely procedure to do to allow some 'quiet time':

When choosing crystals select stones accordingly corresponding colour with the chakra you are to work with, it is a good idea to keep these crystals as a separate set for this procedure only.

Select each crystal by viewing them silently for a few moments. You will be drawn to the appropriate crystal to use otherwise you can dowse to find appropriate ones:


Base Chakra – Tiger's eye
Sacral Chakra – Carnelian
Solar Plexus – Citrine
Heart Chakra – Aventurine or green Jade
Throat Chaka – Blue lace agate, lapis lazuli or turquoise
Brow (3rd eye) Chakra – Amethyst
Crown Chakra – Clear quartz or rainbow quartz

You will also need a clear quartz point with which to channel the energy into the crystals.

1. Ensure all crystals are cleansed appropriately ? either by holding under clear running water or by passing through incense such as frankincense or sage

2. Once you have selected and cleansed your crystals settle in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for approximately 20-30 minutes, perhaps play some relaxing music to enhance your experience.

3. Firstly ask for guidance that the experience will be for the higher good and benefit for all.

4. Close your eyes and whilst holding each crystal individually concentrate on the corresponding chakra starting with the base chakra. Use the clear quartz point to circle ANTI-CLOCKWISE over the crystal 7 times. You are envisaging all negative energy being removed from the chakra and the chakra to be cleansed.

5. Repeat for all chakras – the more you practise this the more you may be able to feel energy shift in your body and maybe even start to see some colours.

6. Once you have completed the procedure for each chakra again take the base chakra crystal and use the clear quartz to circle the crystal CLOCKWISE 7 times. Your intention is to reenergise the chakra and ensure it is spinning the correct way.

7. Repeat for all the chakras. Again, with experience you may start to feel energy sensations and/or see colours.

8. Once you have completed all chakras, put all the crystals, in chakra order together in your palm circle the crystals 7 times CLOCKWISE with the clear quartz point. Your intention here is to seal all the chakras and aura from negativity and allow positive, pure, loving energy to come through.

9. Once you have completed sit for a moment enjoying the sensations and say thank you for the guidance you have been given and for the day ahead.


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