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Castor Oil Packs

Tweet   Ever since my naturopath introduced me to the wonderful world of castor oil packs, I've been hooked. Castor oil's healing properties go way back to ancient Egypt, where it was regularly taken orally as a laxative (which is now known to be toxic). Today, Chinese medicine, ayurvedic medicine, and naturopathy recommend castor oil […]

Energy Centre Balance with crystals

Tweet   ENERGY CENTER BALANCE Done daily this balance helps us to keep our bodies and our energy systems in balance and it is also a lovely procedure to do to allow some 'quiet time': When choosing crystals select stones accordingly corresponding colour with the chakra you are to work with, it is a good […]

Daily OM…….anger

Tweet Demolishing Anger’s Walls Resentment   When anger has no outlet it can morph into resentment and carries the potential to cause great turmoil. Anger, when channeled into the pursuit of change, can be a useful tool in our emotional palette. Anger is experienced by most people, some more than others. It is when anger […]

Amatsu….a total somatic health excellence

Tweet        The "Hidden Cause" of Back Pain…       There's a hidden cause of back pain… it's something very few medical or healthcare professionals are even aware of… If they were, they wouldn't be treating conditions.   Instead, they'd be identifying and addressing what brought about the condition in the first […]

Heart Medicine…how do you nurture you heart?

Tweet Heart medicine – it is when the darkness descends and night falls that the stars are visible.   It seems that many people I know and clients are undergoing huge transformations in their lives.    Physically releasing old wounds and hurts, excess weight and old injuries.    Emotionally releasing that the time has come […]

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