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The sexiest smoothie todate……and NO fruit!

Tweet Aphrodite Smoothie   On today Friday 13th April the day of Venus and the reawakening of the feminine astrologically THE sexiest smoothie I have made in ages…all golden, delicious, rich and nutritious….   BIG handful of Spinach Sunflower seeds Hazelnuts Bee pollen Hemp mylk Maca     IT will light your desire….wow!


Tweet I have found myself for the last two weeks absolutely craving AVOCADOS…..I am eating them for breakfast, lunch and supper it seems.  Now whilst some of you may go EEEKKKK FAT….I say YAY NUTRIENT DENSE FOOD……  so much so I found the following information that may just help to convince you of the AMAZING […]

Healthy Living…healthy you

Tweet "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"  Hippocrates    It is true food IS SO important to us. Have you ever noticed how when you eat processed foods or fast foods, our skin becomes dull, we are more prone to spots, bloating and our hair becomes lank?  NO?  I invite you […]

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