Heart Medicine…how do you nurture you heart?

Heart medicine – it is when the darkness descends and night falls that the stars are visible.


It seems that many people I know and clients are undergoing huge transformations in their lives. 


Physically releasing old wounds and hurts, excess weight and old injuries. 


Emotionally releasing that the time has come to move forward in life, releasing old ways of being, old patterns, outdated and outmoded beliefs.


Spiritually finding new friends, lovers, soul mates, leaving damaging or limiting relationships behind and stepping into new fulfilling soulful unions with people that appear as if from no where and act as a catalyst to change so much. 


Also, finding new interests, moving house, new jobs, new businesses.


What do we do in such times?


Run screaming?  Fight against the transition?  Turn our backs and hope it all goes away, whilst living with the pain and loneliness we can feel during such times?  Times that seem so dark and lonely that we feel we are breaking down and breaking into pieces?  OR do we stand up stand to the light and face the transition with open arms?


I know some of these things and work with people daily as they undergo such transition in their lives. It is an honour to assist people on their journey. I also know and am grateful to those that assist me along mine.


It is at times like this when everything seems so deeply dark that the beauty comes…Darkness Visible.. Our shadows, our deep dark shadows those things we would like to pretend we were not like or thoughts we do not want to own come up and it feels like we are going crazy.    When we are offered the opportunities to see our deepest darkest parts we are offered a gift, a gift of transformation, a gift of choice.  A gift of moving into the LIGHT and the NEW.


It is during these times that we see our deepest parts as this covers our lightness of being.  For where there is dark there HAS TO BE LIGHT.


How can we access this light?  How can we lighten our being, moving up our vibration, open our hearts and receive the heart medicine we so long for and crave?  That fullness of being, that delicious knowledge that WE ARE ENOUGH?




When did we stop believing that?


I find the following exercises help me access that place of knowledge and give me reassurance when the times are dark and lonely and open my heart more and more to the possibility of unity with self.


  •       BREATHE.  It is our greatest gift.  Take time to stop.  Focus on breath.  Enjoy that feeling that breathing gives us.  Just simply be AWARE of every breath. Inhale, pause, exhale and pause.  The circle and cycle of breath.  Stillness and simple-ness in its most exquisite form.  BREATHE. It brings us back to centre and allows us some peace and awareness of what is real, what is not real and what we have control over or not.
  •       BE GRATEFUL.  Take time to offer gratitude for at least 10 things every day in your life.  This brings us to the now.

Which shadow is coming up?  Is it anger? Jealousy?  Addiction?  Over spending?  Feelings of worthlessness?  There are so many potentials – which are yours? 


Shadows cover so much of our pure potential and grace. 


Try this exercise to Locate your shadow:


Scan your body when you are thinking about this shade.


Where does it sit in your body?  What does it feel like?  What is its name?  What shape is it? What colour is it?  What does it look like?


Ask it:

‘What do you want from me?’,

‘What do you need from me?’ 

‘What will happen if you were to receive some of what you need?’


Notice what this demon says and make a note. 


Then imagine your body turning into which ever need the demon wants – for example I can imagine my body turning into a well of honey and feeding a demon love and nurturance.


Notice after it has feed to its full – has it changed shape? Colour? How it looks? 




Keep going until it changes totally. 


Then ask – are you here to help me? 


If ‘No’? 


Carry on feeding the shadow until it changes again.  Notice how it changes and ask again – ‘are you here to help me?’. 


If ‘Yes’ then ask:


‘How are you here to help me?’

‘What gifts do you bring me to assist me?’

‘How do I know how to call on you?’


Note the answers then see yourself becoming one with the new friend and notice how that feels as this new beautiful part of you integrates into your body. 


Honour this part of you and feed it everyday – regularly checking in with it and asking its assistance during your times of transition.


Ensure you repeat the process to feed those shadow elements of yourself it they were to arise again.



  •       GET MOVING physical movement in the form of dance is AMAZING for shifting our feelings, our physical body and raising our body awareness.  Be it the gym, a class, a walk in nature, Zumba or 5Rhythms or even dancing in your kitchen or living room (regular occurrence at my house!) moving your body helps us shift LOTS and is amazing heart medicine.


  •       TAKE TIME for YOU and honour where you are.  This could be as simple as taking a beautiful candle lit bath and listening to gentle music whilst concentrating on your breath.  Or meeting with friends.  Honour what it is your body and soul are asking for and DO IT.


  •       Lastly – get some help or ask a friend to simply give you a hug if that is what you want.  It is so important not to isolate ourselves totally and to reach out to those SUPPORTIVE members of our family or friends people that do not judge you, honour where you are at and simply allow you to be. 


During these times of transition be gentle on yourself, nurture your body and soul with good wholesome food, surround yourself with nature, nurture and beauty and overall welcome the transition with grace, knowing that the stars are places that dance and are full of beauty and it is our divine right to step into this place.


Blessings and love, with grace






Debbie Ford, Dark Side of The Light Chasers

Feeding Your Demons: Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict – Tsultrim Allione



Sarah Bullock is a Health Coach assisting people to health and well-being using NLP, Amatsu, Kinesiology, Theta® and Shamanic work 0845 0941323 www.authentichealthinc.com










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