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WOW.. Where have the last few months gone?  SO much is happening and SO quickly have you noticed too?


So I have moved again, been to America to do some dance training which was BEYOND amazing and am back in the UK enjoying the delights of Spring as she begins to show herself. 


I have noticed that there are big shifts within myself and my clients too.  Many people wanting to learn so much more about health, vitality and how to BE THEIR OPTIMUM self so I have dedicated this newsletter to some of my proven insights, recipes and healing techniques. 


I have a very busy couple of months ahead before I head off to the desert in Utah for 3 weeks and am SO excited for this opportunity.  I do feel I have a soul appointment with this red earth and really look forward to sharing some of the beauty with you when I return.


My main aim this year is to step more and more into my full authentic heart self and this means that some elements of my work are shifting too.  It is the LAST time I will be teaching Reiki and as such I am doing the one this month with a bit of a difference incorporating some advanced techniques so if you want to learn and get some added benefits of advance training then join us.


I have also recently had the amazing opportunity to be an emergency Raw Food Chef at the award wining was amazing and has relit my fire and desire for healthy eating and all things simple with raw food.  So much so I am doing a one off day on 25th March just so people can see how EASY it is to be healthy.


I also speak about my desire to move away from the mass conscious PANIC about money and how we are worth more than a ‘figure’ so am moving my sessions to a donation basis—this opens it up to so many and so much more than just money!

Much March magic to you, With love and blessings Sarah



March 2012




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