Spring Equinox Newsletter – tips on detox, action boards and SPECIAL OFFER!

Spring 2013


It has indeed been some time since I posted a note however…I AM BACK!  YES….after a year of much soul searching, loving and learning I have made some radical changes to my practise which I will keep you updated on as we progress throughout the year.

On this eve of the Vernal Equinox I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Spring is on its way – the balance between the light and the dark is upon us and it is time to sew those deep seeds of dreams and desires…DREAM BIG the universe will deliver as long as you FEEL IT and BELIEVE IT!

For me I am continuing in my Stony Stratford practise but am also opening in London – this is VERY exciting and more information will follow.  I am also going to be running some closed and open women's groups which will enable us to look at the somatics of health and well-being – what it means to MOVE our bodies, to FEEL into our bodies and to KNOW what it is we are wanting… I am really excited by this deepening journey of embodiment I am undergoing personally and also with many of my clients.  It is where the magic happens….we are after all spiritual beings having a human experience!

So I say dance deep, rock on and have an almighty equinox and open yourself to the magnificence of yourself and all life has to offer..

With much love and a very open heart



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