Sue Hopkins Theta Trainer and WHAT THEY SAY!

Sue Hopkins is a Holistic Therapist & Spiritual Teacher offering treatments & classes to support the release of life-negating conditions of Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

 Held in safe space, clients & students are encouraged to identify and release the causal  factors and energies  that are  limiting potential for Health, Creative Empowerment and   Self-Realisation. 

The intention of treatments & classes is to facilitate the individual to reclaim their acceptance, empowerment  & love of SELF.

SUE HOPKINS   07525 922 049



What was your experience of the Seminar ?
·  Amazing, Awesome. I know this experience is life changing, also will show me direction in my life. 
   Empowerment. Balance. Inspired to practice healing and inspired to live life to the full.
·  Eye Opening & Enlightening
·  Excellent – more please 
·  Lovely group. Well organised with breaks, handout & book. Encouraging & Safe Space in which to   
   share experiences. Presenting was clear delivery of theory, (very occasionally talked to fast to follow!)   
·  Amazing! Loved it – so happy that it is my time to experience this.
·  A great journey. Amazing! Loved the energy of Sue!
·  I found it a beautiful and transformational experience – emotional at times, grounding and empowering

·  I learned the basics of Theta Healing. How to connect to the 7th Plane. I feel like I have an amazing tool to help myself and others, I feel more connected to God. I have more faith and trust and I have no more questions – “What’s the point of Life” . My experience is life changing.    

The following comments are an indicator of Sue Hopkins style of teaching & facilitating Theta Healing® Classes;

Students had to say about the last Theta HealingTM  DNA2 Practitioner Certificate  course held in Northampton:  

Q: Were you facilitated in a way that helped you understand the issues and practices?     

·   Excellent explanations, going into great depth of each process.   I liked the way you said the same thing but in different ways so gaining greater clarity.
·   Very Clear & Understanding
·   Yes. Thank You
·   Yes. Sue very helpful & accessible together with Daphne. There was support from group members in sharing experiences
·   Yes. Sue was careful to check everyone was keeping up and answered questions generously even when there was lots to cover in the time available.
·   YES. Many wonderful anecdotes to demonstrate issues.
·   Yes. It helped to have come to the talk in advance. Sue is approachable, supportive and fun. The teaching was easy to understand and I feel confident to work with this modality.
·   Yes, Sue was very informative, friendly, humorous and compassionate, very down to earth. We received a lot of information, and practices and were talked through it all. The booklet and book are very useful. 

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