Theta DNA Healing® is an extremely Powerful & Effective tool to facilitate Instant Healing. 


Theta DNA Healing® is the practical application of ‘Quantum Mechanics’- though the healing methods & tools employed are extremely easy to use.

The practitioner enters Theta brainwave state & connects the Source Energy that exists beyond all realms of duality and seeming separation from Source.

With the consent of the client at each stage of the process, the practitioner becomes advocate, commanding healings to the DNA & cellular consciousness and facilitating the re-programming of limiting belief systems.

This process releases energetic resistance to healing & supports the body to restore it’s original ‘Divine Blueprint’.

The practitioner is witness to the energetic changes taking place within the clients’ body and energy field. In addition to the clients  ‘experience’ of the healing, muscle testing is used before & after healings to anchor & evidence that change has taken place.

The collective consciousness of humanity, is NOW at a place where these teachings can be received by those who are open. Many sit on the Leading Edge of thought.

Individuals who know that we do indeed Create of our Own Reality… People riding the wave of awareness about Law Of Attraction & who want to work with it to reach potential for Wellbeing & Abundance… Seekers who are willing to undertake the Healing Journey & Healers who are willing to accompany them… Spiritual Teachers illuminating paths to consciousness… and Inspirers who are co-creating dreams coming true, uplifting & encouraging others do the same.

These pioneers are already functioning in a state of awareness of a new paradigm of potentiality. 

There are also many limiting & life-negating beliefs in the collective consciousness that oppose this paradigm.  Adopted & inherited beliefs such as “life is a struggle” or  “To grow I have to suffer”, hold us apart from SELF REALISATION & empowerment. 

Some will respond with incredulity at the prospect of Instant Healing.  Understandable, when for so many – growth has been through adversity & struggle. Resistance is explicable when we realise that DNA holds an energetic memory of every emotion belonging to our biological parents and at least 7 generations of beliefs and energetic patterning of the ancestors!

To add to the mix – our bodies also hold the erroneous beliefs that we learned about ourselves or about life in childhood and some beliefs are rooted even deeper and are held on a Soul level. In addition our beliefs are also informed by our culture and the ancient history of the land that we come from!

So it is understandable that the response to Theta Healing® is sometimes  “It can’t be that easy! – PLEAAASE don’t tell me it is THAT EASY!”. On face value Instant Healing seemingly negates the struggle our past experience, of the less pleasant processes that we have lived through & witnessed on our quest for wholeness. This healing modality does not undermine our history – indeed we teach our students and clients that WE DO MATTER – just as our history matters. In essence however, it does undermine our victim-hood and the beliefs that limit our potential.

Although Theta DNA Healing ® requires a shift of consciousness & re- investment in a new paradigm of Potentiality as opposed to Limitation, it does provide the resources to facilitate the process and the tools to ‘clean up’ the DNA & Mind Body matrix.

Teachings, Healings & Downloads to the DNA can  provide the clarity & connection needed for the healing journey. With openness & dedication, we can reclaim the Wellbeing & Abundance, Creative Empowerment & Worthiness that is the Divine Blueprint of our humanity. 

So for those of you who have had enough of doing it the hard way, perhaps it’s time, to let go of the scripts & programmes that no longer serve you – especially in light of the fact that most of them were not yours to begin with!

In the knowledge that we are ALL Source Energy and that we ALL share the experience of absorbing the collective consciousness of our time & place, there is massive opportunity to stop judging ourselves and each other.

There is a tremendous  potential for Self Realisation  &  Freedom  


Sue Hopkins: Divine Blueprints 

Personal Testimonial

“As a Holistic Therapist & Energy Worker across a number of disciplines,

  I was initially bemused by my attraction to Theta Healing TM.  Within the first 5 minutes of a promotional  seminar however,  I  knew  that  my  previous journey & quest to understand

Energy Medicine, Healing & the

Spiritual Nature of our Humanity  had prepared me for  these teachings.”

The Theta DNA Practitioner supports the client to identify beliefs and issues in need of healing.  With the help of intuition & in connection to Source Energy – guidance is offered for the direction of healings. In Theta DNA Healing classes individuals are empowered to use the technique on Self & Others.   Theta DNA Healing was founded by  Vianna Stibal. Sue Hopkins is an Advanced Practitioner of Theta DNA Healing and has undertaken the Teacher Certificates for Theta DNA Healing 2, Advanced & Vianna’s Rainbow Children with Vianna.  

For more information about Clinics, Treatments & Classes please contact;

 Sue Hopkins    07525 922 049 or Sarah Bullock 0845 0941323    For Vianna's Website and more information on THETA HEALING®

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