What is 5 Rhythms?

What is 5 Rhythms?


The 5 Rhythms is self-realisation practice based on physical movement created by Gabrielle Roth http://www.gabrielleroth.com/ created over a lifetime of explorations in dance, healing, trance, theatre and spiritual practise. The 5 Rhythms are experimental rhythms that describe landscapes of physical movement. The rhythms are called: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. Danced in a sequence they form a wave vast in potential and creative in its simplicity.

The 5 Rhythms is not a belief system, it is a structured free form practise designed to liberate the dancer living inside any person. This is for ANYONE who wants to MOVE. The 5 Rhythms is taught by experienced, extensively trained teachers in a space typically involving solo dancing, dancing with others and within the whole space. Drug and alcohol free this is the most potent of ways to express your self freely.

Flowing is the root of the dance, the beginning of all things. When in flow the dancer drops into the flow of all things, continuous without beginning or end. The body, grounded, spirals, circles and turns around itself, others and through the space in a constant flux. Flowing is the dance of the earth, the feminine.

The home of the beat. Dynamically opposite to Flowing. All about the start and stop, yes and no, polar opposites. Working with patterns of movement, creating shape, line, forma and structure. Inviting relationship, it is about self definition and self-expression. It is the dance of fire and the masculine, an outlet for the passion of the heart.

The natural dissolution of the structure built in Staccato. Rising tempo, complex beats encouraging the dancer to release the individual will and surrender to something bigger. The dance of the water rapids, unstoppable and untameable. The dance of destruction, creation and rebirth. Encouraging the dancer to alchemise energy by moving the body. Sometimes overwhelming sometimes subtle, Chaos invites us to stay grounded as we learn how to fly.

Once purged by Chaos the dance becomes freer, more spacious. Lyrical is the magical landscape of liberated imagination, experiencing lightness, dropping into trance whilst dancing with on the wind, shape—shifting – a gateway into our expanded consciousness.

A thousand shapes vibrate then fall silent. Sometimes slow, sometimes quickly. Breath, body, motion, expansion, contraction merging with the world.

Simple, effective, beautiful, motion, stillness, peace, passion and creativity – all aspects of the dancer

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